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Edith Piaf

"Édith Piaf is a cultural icon and is universally regarded as France's greatest popular singer. Her ballads, like La Vie en rose and Non, je ne regrette rien reflected her life. She appeared sporadically in films.

Edith Piaf, 1939 by Studio Harcourt

Edith Piaf - real name Édith Lamboukas) - iconic French singer. Photo 1939 by Studio Harcourt

Alright people...if you don't know who Edith Piaf is you clearly are not cultured enough. Research her music now. Not in a little bit, but rift NOW!!!

Édith Piaf December October was a French singer and cultural icon who is almost universally regarded as Frances greatest popular

Every damn fool thing you do in this life you pay for. Édith Piaf

sheistheearth: “inneroptics: “ Edith Piaf in Montmartre-Sur-Seine directed by Georges Lacombe, 1941 ” I’m in love with this women ”