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1920's Fashion

1920's Fashion

1920s- dressing up not down

How to Be a Flapper Girl. Being a flapper was a trend in the Roaring Twenties, where some women rebelled against some of society's strict expectations of females. Flappers were women who liked to be "in the now styles and fads", and.

Evelyn Brent, 1920s.

A butterfly hostess gown of sapphire blue with brilliants and crystals and a silver turban worn by actress Evelyn Brent - 1920

A beaded 1920s yellow chiffon and black satin flapper dress  /grbarnes1/920-s/  BACK BACK

1920's Elegant Beaded Floral Motif Yellow Chiffon & Black Satin Flapper Dress

1920s Hand embroidered Flapper Dress

Amazing hand embroidered vintage 1920s Flapper Dress

@Becky McCarthy …if only I could find dresses like these..vintagecabaret - twenties

George Barbier: Le jugement de Paris A jewel among fashion, dont you just love that image? The three graces of century.

Model Marion Morehouse wearing an evening gown by Chanel, 1924. Photographed by Edward Steichen.

fantomas-en-cavale:Edward Steichen- Marion Morehouse en robe Chanel, 1924 Those beads were glass, and sequins were made out of metal then -- it must have weighed a ton

Beaded flapper dress plum burgundy red gold  by vintageopulence

Vintage beaded "flapper" dress plum burgundy red gold vintage medium from vintage opulence on Etsy - Vintage item from the