c. 1900

▫Duets▫groups of two in art and photos - Two teenage girls, early I have a picture of my grandmother wearing almost the exact outfit on the left.

Today I went to two estate sales advertising vintage photos. This RPPC is among several that I bought.

3 Little Sisters by Elfriede Reichelt - 1924

∴ Trios ∴ the three graces, sisters, & groups of 3 in art and vintage photos - 3 Little sisters, by Elfriede Reichelt,

A handsome man indeed. Must read the story. Derek Schwendeman's grandfather above had a million dollar smile back in the 1950's. Once the internet got ahold of this photo, it went viral making a new generation SWOON.

32 Vintage Photos of Men In Uniform That Will Make You Swoon

Antique photo of little girl with her doll.                                                                                                                                                     More

Beautiful antique Victorian photo of a lovely girl in ruffles holding a large china doll.

Antique Photographs Printable Image Digital by VeetzyInnovations, $1.50

Digital Download Victorian Girl Child with Pretty Hair in Curls Standing Studio Portrait Antique Photograph Vintage Photo Printable Image