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Nature's umbrella-thank God for leaves!

African Golden Oriole - www.kitday-uk.com

Sparrow - God knows the beauty inside me. He loves me even though I do not have the outside beauty of the other birds. Just like he loves us!

Love is in the air... #beautifulbird

37+ Picture of Beautiful & Colorful Bird from All Over the World

red cheeked cordon bleu photo by vivi moreira

I know these are sparrows, but they're just so pretty, I had to stick them somewhere and I didn't feel like creating still another board.

House sparrow--the English word "sparrow", is a term for small active birds, coming from a root word referring to The Latin word domesticus means "belonging to the house", like the common name a reference to its association with humans.


sing a song by Alonk's Roby

Filled fresh

Filled fresh

birds and baking

I Bet You Didn't Know These Birds Even Existed, But They Do. They're Awesome.

What an unique moment! Little pink angel bird.



Beautiful bird

This is one variety of the Black-and-Yellow Broadbill. They range in color from black and yellow to black with some yellow and some pink and then some are just black and pink, like this beauty! They do all have the bright blue bill, however.

Baby birds in spring time.


The Red Headed males have more testosterone. Black Headed males are not as aggressive and therefore live longer.

Rufous Hummingbird Nest from: Karen Crowe Photography via weekendswithmarmots.zenfolio.com

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Rufous Hummingbird Nest from: Karen Crowe Photography via weekendswithmarmots.zenfolio.com

What a beautiful fluff

Rollers are so pretty! Racket-tailed roller at the San Diego Zoo in California

Genny Wren?

A Winter Wren: One of England's Well-Loved Birds! This is actually a Carolina Wren, identified as such by the warm reddish brown back, buffy underparts and white stripe above the eye. This bird is also much bigger than a Winter Wren.