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These rope trees end up in Whoville. #pinterestfail
DIY Christmas decor collapses as a #pinterestfail

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At this point of the year, chances are good that you’re feeling a little down. Burned out. Exhausted, at best. It might be hard to muster up the energy you need to celebrate the holiday season properly, let alone remember what you felt like at the start of this year. But you know what? Schadenfreude is a powerful thing., so to make yourself feel better, you need to look at some Christmas-themed Pinterest fails.

15 Epic Christmas Pinterest Fails That Will Make Your Season

Kids Christmas Tree
Bedazzling a bottle of tequila - only to find jewels all over your house and stuck to your feet. #pinterestfail

🎨💄 @mua_dasena1876 Movie night 🎥 &qu...Instagram photo

18 hilarious Pinterest photo fails - Kidspot

18 hilarious Pinterest photo fails

Jellyfish in a bottle is headed out to sea #pinterestfail
This person took home the #pinterestfail award at this gingerbead house contest.

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21 People Who Should Leave Holiday Crafting To The Professionals. LOLOL

21 People Who Should Leave Holiday Crafting To The Professionals

Recovering a lamp shade became more challenging than it looked. #pinterestfail