Good morning handsome!

Rooster Gallus Gallus Northumberland by John Short - Rooster Gallus Gallus Northumberland Photograph - Rooster Gallus Gallus Northumberland Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

our new rooster

Brahma-Sometimes called “The King Of Chicken Breeds,” Brahmas are among the largest breed of chicken, known for their feathered legs. Brahma cocks can weigh more than 18 pounds

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I love Roosters and a bunch of these beauties in picture, rug, nic nacs all over my kitchen farm animals

Blue breize chicken, Brittany

This COCK stands tall and erect with his pride sticking out, and has but one Kitty in the hen house, and that's you Babydoll ~A blue Bresse rooster by Greenfire Farms


Picture of Beautiful Rooster stock photo, images and stock photography.


Golden Sebright Bantam Rooster - Sebright is a breed of chicken, one of the oldest recorded British 'true' bantam. Great show birds.