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Marta Madureira - Petit & Small

Marta Madureira

ILLUSTOPIA illustration for children's books, advertising and magazines

Marta Madureira

Marta Madureira - Como as cerejas Like cherries Comme les cerises Wie kirschen Come le ciliegie Como las cerezas サクランボのように

Marta Madureira

Marta Madureira - Hoe kersen zoals kersen Comme les cerises Wie kirschen Kom le Zoals ciliegie hen cerezas サ ク ラ ン ボ の よ う に

Little Big Books

Little Big Books, Illustrations for Children’s Picture Books, Gestalten, children's books, illustration


Marta Madureira

Above and below: maquette of a dragon and a detail of the cover of Glimmerglass for which it was used. My work-table is presently strewn with paper maquettes of beasts as I bring the cover artwork …

Theater. Flat wood muppets.

Artist in LA LA Land Illustration & Design: Weekly Articulated Paper Doll: Animal Paper Dolls of Thereza Rowe

the art room plant: Marta Madureira III

A crazy, surreal cocktail of collage, print and drawing makes Portuguese illustrator Marta Madureira's illustrations e.