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Explore Berlin Alemanha, Alemanha Nazista e muito mais!

Tropas SA (Sturmabteilung). Berlin, Alemanha.

Thousands of people converge on Buckingham Palace in London while celebrating the end of the first world war on 11 November 1918

* A Ponte de Remagen * "Rio Reno". Alemanha.

Max goose step by Luftwaffe honor guard. Extremely difficult to learn and practice. This manner is today prevalent in Russia and China and a few other countries influenced by the German military tradition.

* Claus Philipp Schenk, Graf von Stauffenberg * 1926, na Cavalaria alemã.

SA awarding of promotions, Tempelhofer Field, Berlin 1933.

Budapest. Festnahme von Juden. Mulheres judias capturadas no Gueto de Budapeste. Outubro, 1944.

SA Color Guard, Berlin 1932.

* A Ponte de Remagen * "Ludendorff Bridge". "Rio Reno". Alemanha.