Rocket and Planet finger tattoos.Very nice. I really like finger tattoos.

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40 Awesome Wedding Band Ring Tattoos

If you're a couple looking for inspiration and ideas for your wedding ring tattoos, we have 148 wedding ring tattoo ideas that will make you ditch the ring.

Couple Tattoo Design

From the ever-popular twin heart tattoo to as unique as a customized text tattoo, here are the three most popular couple tattoo design ideas.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Inspirational Wedding Ring Tattoos

Couple tattoo "you hold the key to my heart" love this on the ring finger! Maybe arrow instead of key?


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50 Breathtaking Watercolor Tattoos

Watercoloring collected Origami bird tattoo on arm for girl in Fancy Tattoos. And Origami bird tattoo on arm for girl is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 410 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about for girls.


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