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Billie Joe Armstrong - #GreenDay

Billie Joe Armstrong those eyes man

omg look at his eyes! Now go look at someone else. You will never look at people the same now. He ruined it for you

Billie Joe, handsome as fuck. The hair, make up, and pouty lips are on point.

Ya está viejo pero sigue siendo tan adorable desde cualquier perspectiva :3

Idk how to feel about him without his guyliner

Billie joe armstrong ❤️:

Billie joe armstrong ❤️:

Such a nice pic of Billie

Billie Joe looking fit as usual xP

Can I kiss those lips

Can I kiss those lips

Billie Joe Armstrong

I'm convinced that Billie joes eyes are the most beautiful!

BJA is beautiful

My God, have mercy!

perfection. absolute perfection.

The definition of sexy

Probably my favorite picture of Billie. I love that smile!

Those beautiful eyes with the smudgy eyeliner.Billie Joe Armstrong evokes mystery and melancholy, like the old time silent movie actors.

I might have pinned this already, but who gives a shit when it's the most beautiful man on Earth.

such a pretty nasal hair


I'd prefer green/cross-eyed Billie over anyone any time

Picture says it all.

Billie Joe rockin' the the guyliner.

be still my heart...

Billie, I can count him as a favorite thing right?

Billie Joe

Ah,Billie Joe: small, dark, and endlessly handsome.

I honestly think this is attractive:P

WTF are you staring at?yea this pic is quite corny but it doesn't mean i am stupid.