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Oh que coisinha mais fofa ^^

So much like our Sully- only his little "feather" is over his nose. The feather near the ear is the same.

baby cat

that breath while she was waiting for the treat

Conheça Smoothie, A Gata Mais Fotogênica do Mundo

‘Smoothie’ é o nome dela, que já tem mais de 100 mil seguidores no Instagram e definitivamente sabe como posar para uma foto. “Todo ângulo é o melhor ângulo para Smoothie”, conclui o Bored Panda. ;-)

I'm Iceclaw of LeafClan! I'm a she cat and Stormheart is my brother. I am 15 moons old and I don't have a mate. I am most known for my sneak attacks when attacking and hunting.

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit... Yes please! I've always wanted a Siamese cat!

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dog watches over mama cat and baby kittens <3