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Quilt by Janet Flagel and Nadine Flagel. A baby quilt my mother and I made: she pieced the top and layered it all and I handquilted it in a diamond pattern.

Quilt by Nadine Flagel. My first real quilt was made entirely of scraps. It allowed me to bring together reused materials (each of which told a story) and gave me the opportunity to improvise a solution to the challenging variations in colour, pattern, and texture - in other words, to tell a new story. I learned: while I completed the tedious handstitching pattern I resolved to create better templates.

Baby quilt by Nadine Flagel. My first son and I made this for my second son. The little rabbit in the lower right block was embroidered for me forty years ago by my aunt. My son chose the metallic fabrics and helped me decide on the new fabrics at Spool of Thread in Vancouver. This quilt is one of two. The other (with zebra fun-fur backing!) belongs to a friend.

A miniature doll's quilt, 9 x 11.5", by Nadine Flagel.

Detail of quilt by Nadine Flagel. Fabric can work so much harder than we give it credit for. This Tigger from my son's t-shirt quilt was originally on an infant t-shirt he wore a few times before outgrowing it. I saved it and used it to patch the ripped knee of a pair of his blue pants. Then I turned the pants into shorts and saved this bit for the quilt.

Detail from large square quilt by Nadine Flagel. The pink velvet is from a dress my mother made for me when I was six. It is incredibly difficult to (a) sew velvet to other fabrics and (b) quilt velvet.

Upcycled Cashmere Sweater Throw Blanket by PretextStudio on Etsy

The t-shirt quilt by Nadine Flagel made a few years ago out of my son's stained or wornout shirts and pants.

Detail of large square quilt by Nadine Flagel.

When we left St. Catharines, ON, for Vancouver, I invited guests to our going-away party to bring a decorated letter. This is the amazing result, but I still need an "A" before I frame it.