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Andy Biersack<3--Black Veil Brides.

Andy Biersack,Black Veil hearts r rly hard work man ^.

Andy and Juliet

Andy Biersack and Juliet Simms. Fuck the assholes that hate Juliet Simms! She is amazing for Andy!

Andrew Biersack | Andy Biersack*^*^*^* - rachel Photo

andy biersack - I love him so much. My friends don't get it, except for my baby boy Andrew, he gets

He wanted to be batman cuz he wanted to save lives but little does he know he does save lives through his music<3

I'm just your average BVB fangirl. And my obsession with Andy is not unhealthy (okay maybe a. Saiba mais sobre 25 VOZES QUE MUDARAM A  HISTÓRIA DA MÚSICA no nosso E-Book Gratuito. Clique na foto para fazer Download!

25 Vozes Que Mudaram a História da Música

This... Is..... Beautiful... I have fallen for my fallen angel

Andy biersack look alike.They say on average that there's 7 people in the world that look like. Well i think that we just found another Andy! Wait this isn't Andy?

black veil brides ashley purdy

Sup I'm Ashley Purdy I'm in Black veil brides. I'm Warning im weird and my band members are too.


Awwww :( poor baby, I'm so glad it wasn't more than a couple ribs.but its still terrible. That had to hurt really fucking bad.