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10 muros que dividem nosso mundo

Muro entre israel e palestina

ISRAEL. 1956. Palestinian prisoners being guarded by Israeli soldiers during the Sinai campaign. Burt Glinn.

10 muros que dividem nosso mundo

Zona desmilitarizada das Coreias

PHOTO: #Israel's occupation forces arrest 12 y/o child in West Bank's Hebron Sept 8. #News #Palestine #WorldNews

10 muros que dividem nosso mundo

Guerra em Bagdá - Muros

Israel’s colonialism is failing and falling. The growing Palestine solidarity movement has commemorated the 68th year of the Nakba (the Catastrophe). This was the forceful displacement of the indigenous Palestinian people in favour of a Zionist state founded on the principles of dispossession, colonialism and violence; in short, apartheid. It is thus no wonder that the colonialist outpost’s behaviour has been characterised by brutish and barbaric actions throughout its existence.

10 fotos incríveis de longa exposição

relâmpagos longa exposição

Il 9 settembre 1943 è la fine della Seconda Guerra Mondiale.

6 razões para optar por produtos e serviços locais

Turismo sustentável - mercado em Montevidéu

Israel's plan to forcibly resettle Negev Bedouins prompts global protests

Several thousand people worldwide have taken part in protests at the Israeli government's plans to forcibly remove Bedouin Arabs from their villages in the Negev desert.