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Não fui eu....

“O gato é um italiano educado na Inglaterra. Sente como um italiano, mas se comporta como um lorde inglês.”

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Recently, Tania stated, If my shelter does not get enough help - I will be closing soon and I do not know how I will save more than 150 lives .... With the closure of Tania's shelter, 150 lives will return to the streets and this can not happen. In this way, we protectors, sympathizers and lovers of four-legged friends (dogs and cats) sign this below signed against the sacrilege of 150 lives to return to the streets and ask the City of Manaus

Please ADOPT ME! Email Lou@soidog.org today. Hello, my name is Stanard and I am a sweet, gentle boy who is looking for a forever home. Will you please adopt me? I was brought to the Soi Dog shelter in Phuket, Thailand after I was being kicked at a restaurant near my territory. I was a homeless street cat and all I wanted was some food. When a kind man realized what was happening to me, he brought me here for security.

@Regrann from @eddie_the_lilac_lion Ok my fellow New York kitties listen up! There's a girlcat named Keta who's being fostered in Brooklyn and she needs a home. She was found living on the street with a massive tumor on her face. She was brought to a high-kill shelter but the rescuers at @unwantednycpets saw she had an appetite and snapped her up and decided to give her a fighting chance. They raised the funds to have the tunor surgically removed and marveled at her magical recovery. The…

Cantos e Encantos

Cabin & Cottage (this is one of the sweetest photographs, very touching)

Família felina

agirlneedsgoals: rainystudios: But not SUPER allergic Dedicated to every gracious host whos had to put up with my sorry animal loving ass. THIS IS EVERYONE I KNOW WHO IS ALLERGIC TO CATS??? My father is like this in spirit but in practice he will watch from a distance and wish he didnt have a cat allergy He is very much a cat person who very much has cat allergies that are rather strong Our dog is rather catlike though. He has been known to meow on occasion? He also moos…

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