Ceramics by Jon Faulkner at Studiopottery.co.uk - 2012.

Studio Pottery: Passionate About Contemporary Ceramics

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Best Ceramics Tips : – Picture : – Description The beautiful details of ornate clay textured tiles right after glazing, in the work of Gary Jackson. -Read More –

Squished pots :  darts vs. 2 piece construction

Squished pots

2014 is off to a busy start, with many orders to fill. In between, I had to squeeze in a few "I just want to make them" pots. It fe.

Oval shaped casserole, wheel-thrown, hand-built and hand carved by Ira Burhans of Clay and Paper Studio. American Made Servingware. 2013 Buyers Market of American Craft. americanmadeshow.com

Ira Burhans combines throwing, hand-building and surface carving to create his stoneware clay pieces.

Lisa Hammond - Handled Casserole

Lisa Hammond - Handled Casserole