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pop art, mick jagger made from diamonds?

Mick Jagger glitter art by Austin artist Sue Zola. My first original art purchase.

Non commitment lol

Look at my face dude do i look like id marry ur lazy ass no way im outta here

Starstruck - 1985 - by Erté aka Romain de Tirtoff

Erté - Romain de Tirtoff – Russian-born French artist and designer who worked in the Art Deco style. He worked under the pseudonym Erté for the French pronunciation of his initials, R.

~Time Out In The Planting...John Gannam

John Gannam (1907 – 1965)

Time Out In The Planting - John Gannam (a great illustrator of the American way of life in the and

Artist Jane Perkins' signature “Plastic Classics” style involves re-working portraits and artwork in one of the most ingenious recycling methods we’ve seen yet. Without adding any additional color to her pieces, she uses found objects to bring to life the subjects of her artistry, each of which can take weeks to complete.

Jane Perkins’ Remarkable Recycled Art

'Plastic Classics' is a collection of recreations of classic paintings by British artist Jane Perkins that puts a contemporary spin on the.

20 awesome and creative portrait ideas - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Plastic bottle cap picture by Mary Ellen Croteau The caps are synthetic artifacts, plastic products that usually aren't (and more often, can't be) recycled.