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A clean scalp is an important factor in achieving your maximum hair growth potential. A dirty scalp is more prone to fungal and bacterial infections that may adversely affect the follicle. A regular cleansing routine will help maintain a clean and healthy scalp. ~ L'cheveuxMD (Photo credit:

The ends are the oldest part of your hair, and most likely to snap. Additionally, they are the furthest from your scalp, so when your scalp emits oil (or sebum) it’s the least likely to get it. Make sure your ends are moisturized at all times. ~ L'cheveuxMD (photo credit:

Braids and twist can be ideal as length retention styles, but they defeat their purpose if they're done with excess tension. ~ L'cheveuxMD (photo credit:

Regular exercise helps with optimal hair growth, increased blook circulation to the scalp allows for more nutrients to reach the follicles. ~L'cheveuxMD {photo credit: iofoto -} The myth that the more you cut your hair, the more it will grow is just that - a myth. Only trim when there is a real need.~L'cheveuxMD You may not always have time to let your hair air dry, but do it whenever you can. The less heat you place on your hair, the more moisture it retains, which is crucial for maintaining healthy curls that don't frizz. ~ L'cheveuxMD Use a leave in conditioner, to prevent your hair from fading, and to get moisture and balance in your color treated hair. When you dye your hair with permanent hair dye, it starts to take away from the nutrients in your hair. Don't kill your hair ladies! ~ L'cheveuxMD



Mustard oil also known as ‘sarson ka tel’ is a common ingredient available in almost every Indian kitchen. However, with advent of other oils in the market labelled as ‘healthy’ or ‘heart-friendly,’ mustard oil has lost its previous importance. But the oil has a lot to offer when it comes to haircare. Here are the …