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Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions

The first person Scorpius told about his crush on Rose was his Aunt Daphne. She was happy for him & didn’t care about who the girl was. Though, she insisted that Scorpius let her take him shopping for new clothes in the muggleborn world. Requested by.

If I hadn't found that out I wouldn't feel awkward shipping if but oh well. I ship it a bit but feel weird about it so I act like they are entirely not related.

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When Lily told James and Albus that her and Scorpius were dating, Albus was okay with it because he trusted his best friend. James wasn’t, and refused to speak to the two of them until he turned up, five years later on their wedding day. Request By:.

Albus envied him for that, until his fith year when he dyed his hair purple, ever since he was just Albus

James loved that he didn’t look exactly like his father. It made it easier for him to blend in & avoid being recognized as a Potter. Requested by anon

James' evil smirk.

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Nineteen Years Later

Rose and Albus were kidnapped when they were children and, as a result, both refused to talk to anyone but each other. It stayed like this ‘til they met Scorpius Malfoy, who did what their family could not - bring them out of their shells.

Nineteen Years Later

nineteen-yearslater: “ Lily’s first heartbreak was over Seamus Finnigan’s youngest son, Devon. The first person she went to was Victoire, who knew exactly what to do and say. Lily’s always been thankful for that. Submitted by: bohemianwrackspurty ”