love these hats on guys, especially on Columbus ;-)

Columbus Short--most attractive celebrity man out there.

Columbus Short...LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!

Eye Candy: 21 Sexy Underrated Actors You Should Know

This man is sooooooooooooo gorgeous (Columbus Short)!! Just another good reason to watch Scandal!

Columbus Short cutest black man alive & he plays the main character in my favorite movie

For reason I have had a crush on Columbus Short every since Stomp the Yard.

Eye Candy: PYTs

Omari Hardwick..don't know who he is but my, my, my

Omari Hardwick - one of my favorite looks on a guy! low cut (or shaved head) and full face-facial hair

Columbus Short | hot.  Maybe it is the suits and smart rhetoric b/c before it was like...meh.

the man of my dreams columbus short ! i think he would make my life complete