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This is just Hilarious. Deadpool just Rules. #BringTheNoise #That'sMyJam

all my fave superheros are here. i just love it how emotional and over dramatic deadpool is, how spiderman, cyclops and logan are bored by his bullshit and then there's kurt's all like "the fuck's going on?

Damian and Bruce Wayne

Damian and Bruce Wayne, too pure for my lil evil ston heart

I think I could be his bestie. I love Mexican food. I'm especially fond of making homemade burritos.

Choke on a Chimichanga

i'm mexican therefore i logically like my country's food. but i don't know if i like Mexican food like Deadpool does, what about you ? Do you like Mexican food ?

deadpool hai tanti di quei look

comic-view: “curiousintent: “curiousintent: “The many faces of Deadpool! ” Weirdly I drew a lot of these before the actual version of these appeared I the marvel universe.

Silver Surfer by Joe Jusko. This Joe Jusko painting is far-out. It takes a classic John Buscema type of pose and brings the Silver Surfer to live against the backdrop of space.

70+ Incredible Illustrations to Celebrate The Avengers Pop-Culture | dezignHD

fan-made card art featuring characters from The Avengers. The set was created by Ryan Hall, and includes Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Scarlet Witch.

Thor, God of Thunder and the Allfather of Asgard Oden.

Thor and Odin by Rudy Ao. Anybody else notice that Odin's helmet is a mix of Thor and Loki's?

so had a color contest thing i dont remember how far back but i decided to give the pic a crack!


Illustrated Silhouettes of Superheroes That Highlight Their Past and Present, Volume Two

And that's why I love Captin America

Met two Gods.

[Picture of Captain America]Met two gods. Still a Christian. [Picture of Iron Man]Met two gods. Still an Atheist. [Picture of Hulk]Met two gods. Beat the crap out of both.