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Richard Strauss Woche 1910 Reprint 36 x 24 Poster. Reprint of a 1910 music poster for a Richard Strauss - Woche festival. Color corrected, repaired, reformatted and texturized by Steve Brownlee

Manuel Bujados for La Esfera, October 1915 - 50 Watts

pankurios-templeovarts: A few works by Manuel Bujados Discovery of the artist on 50 Watts.

netnel: “Germany, 1910s - Source ”

netnel: “Germany, 1910s - Source ”

Gerelateerde afbeelding

‘Then they saw a snow-white swan come drawing down the tide a little boat of pearly sheen.’ Illustration by Willy Pogány from 'The Tale of Lohengrin, Knight of the Swan’ (after the drama of Richard.

Poster for Omega Bicycles by Henri Thiriet, 1897.

Omega Bicycle Poster Name: Omega Artist: Henri Thiriet Circa: 1895 Origin: France This is a French advertising poster for Omega

Traveling in Beautiful Germany, 1929. Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein (German, 1874–1949)

Traveling in Beautiful Germany, Artist: Ludwig Hohlwein (German,