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quotes+about+being+yourself | Quotes About Being Yourself |

quotes+about+being+yourself | Quotes About Being Yourself |

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See friends, I am not weird! I am limited edition!I am weird.

Quotes on Strength

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Holding on and never ever letting go. That lovely and loved feeling that you give me can make me cry till my eyes are red. You make me feel absolutely special even though you keep me a secret.. but it's just so unreal since I've never felt this way for someone. No one has given me this feeling, let alone cry from that feeling. That's the effect you have on me it's just so amazing; it's something else completely. I'm tearing up right now just thinking about this.. I just wish you were mine.

Hold on to whatever keeps you warm inside.or whatever keeps you warm period! I share, I wrap people. I am excited. I am kind. I work hard to connect with people & listen. I believe in others. I keep this simple but my determination to win is greater than my fear of failing. If someone says no, It doesn't break me or stop me because so many others will say YES.

Great things will happen when you get up, dust yourself off & go after life with determination and courage Billy Cox

Dear Brain...

Somebody once said, "The heart wants what the heart wants.

don't accept being an afterthought, you should be a priority.

52 Short, Funny and Sad Quotes about Friendship and love, family , distance, changing and ending. Quotes on Friendships with distance or close friends.

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Free "You are my sunshine" printable

Some random words of wisdom:  1.  Don't feel afraid of looking someone in the eye and saying it like it is.  2.  Build character.  Personality distinguishes you from others.  Try to be memorable.  3.  Stop kissing ass, people can tell when it's not genuine.

Be honest. Say what you really think. Honesty is the best policy.

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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

I am happy to see others happy and smile.I am especially happy to see my family, friends and strangers smile. It makes me smile.

Colorful quote about being yourself.

you got yo do what you got to do

Be true to yourself

i say this when people question the Ava thing.

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Getting physically fit is an emotional journey.. No ifs ands or buts about it. You have to KNOW that you are worth the work, you have to have discipline out of LOVE for yourself and LOVE for your body to have true and lasting results. Listen, I know people who are super fit and still hate their bodies. But truth be told it really has nothing to do with their body, the battle is in your mind and it has everything to do with your #selfworth.

The journey is a lot easier when you're not carrying your past