ArtStation - Destiny: Sniper Rifle B, David Stammel

randomghost: “ Sniper rifles of Destiny [B] [C] [Patience and Time] by David Stammel ”

ArtStation - Mr. right gun the bounty hunter ( or bounty hunter 76 XD ) , Yuka Han

I thought a bounty hunter 76 might be also cool, but I kind of like the sniper rifle -,-

Character Turnarounds - Community Content - Turtle Rock | Evolve Forums

Because I'm a fan of organization, and that Cosplay/Fanart thread is HUGE, I've compiled all the turnarounds and detail shots for the characters in the game. I'll add to this post as the other characters get posted.

Syndicate Concept Art - COIL rifle by *torvenius on deviantART

A gun concept I did when I worked on starbreeze studios, for Syndicate - published by EA Games. more guns from the game: [link] check out the game homep.

ArtStation - Destiny - House of Wolves - Sniper Rifle, Mark Van Haitsma