the disney princess

:) Disney release dates!

What your favorite male character says about you

What your favorite disney hero says about you. Hercules, Tarzan, Flynn, and the beast.kinda scary how accurate this is.

The females of Disney.

they are always so pretty.except for Ursula and Yzma from emperors new groove.

Enchanted (2007)

I love that the Disney filmmakers took time to insert different scenes from other Disney movies in Enchanted! Its fun to look for the references!

Disney Princess Belle | 8ce08214ea07682b93616b650e9e5857.jpg

Belle Makeover - I at once love and not-love her new look. One part of me wonders why they're doing this in the first place, and the other really REALLY wants her hair!

A quick quiz to test your Disney dog knowledge.

How Well Do You Know Your Disney Dogs?

A quick quiz to test your Disney dog knowledge. It's Bolt as a puppy with his carrot toy!