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"Plasma Skelve" | Artist: Brandt Peters

Big Sal | Artists: Brandt Peters and Kathy Olivas

Widonid Another Hiro » Toy Art pra viagem

"Skelve Wangel" | Artists: Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters

Custom Kaws Companion | Artists: Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters

Releasing this week... "The 13" Dunny series created by @brandtpeters and @kidrobot - We received a case and opened them up and all this week we will be showing off what we got. This is "No.9 JINX"... and we love his little nose and propeller dunce cap! Stay tuned to for an unboxing video as well as info about the official release happening this Friday October 16th @3dretro in Los Angeles! #spankystokes #dunny #dunnys #halloween #kidrobot #vinyltoys #brandtpeters #3dretro…

"Custom Kuma (Silver)" | Size: 9” | Medium: Acrylic on Cast Glow in the Dark Resin and Clear Cast Resin | Edition: 1 | Artists: Kathie Olivas / Brandt Peters