I have a very short attention span unless something is very interesting!

ZODIAC CAPRICORN FACTS - Capricorn tends to get bored easily, so you’ll need to make things interesting…to keep them interested. <<<this explains my short attention span

"Too long" may just mean the length of a phone call when I can't snap back at extremely rude customers.

Capricorn - hardly cry but yes I hold things in way too long and usually cry from anger. and this is why I think sometimes I'm more Capricorn than Sag. born right on the border.

Capricorn Quote

Qualities of a Capricorn! This is who I am, but PLEASE don't take the kindness for weakness! You will BE a fool! But this pretty much sums me up!


This is true I'm a Capricorn and I NEVER defend myself but see if ANYONE offends either my fictional characters or wee brother I go nuts and they wish they were dead

ya... sorry

Capricorn Zodiac Facts:i feel like changing the grammar on this one : when actually they ARE loving