Tomas Sanchez, Cuban artist

an enchanted tree island which is the portal to a mystical, magical land.(photo by tomas sanchez)


The amazing power and beauty of a waterfall. A waterfall is an area of a river or stream where the water flows over a steep vertical drop, often landing in a plunge pool below.



Dia de la Tierra! #madretierrateamo

36 Incredible Places That Nature Has Created For Your Eyes Only, Lake Tree, British Columbia: loving reflections

Tengo sueño, mucho sueño pero estoy tan feliz sabiendo que esta tarde voy a almorzar contigo y que esta noche te voy a tener entre mis brazos. Te amo

Sokolica, by Lukasz Jakobczyk. Sokolica in Pieniny Mountains, Poland with its famous pine-tree.

Pine tree, Patagonia. Patagonia has to be one of the windiest places on earth. Look at how the wind has shaped the branches of this tree!!!

a windswept pine, patagonia, southern argentina in a cold moonlit night

Hike through a redwood forest

lost in the oldest of forests….this is how I felt about myself and life…I was lost in the deep dark beauty of loneliness…until God brought my Darling Marcie.

12 Beautiful Trees That You'd Thought They Grow On Pandora From Avatar - 9GAG

12 Beautiful Trees That You'd Thought They Grow On Pandora From Avatar

Guttation is the exudation of tiny drops of sap that accumulate on the tips or edges of leaves and acts as a release valve for excess water pushed up from the roots.  Image via themetapicture #Plant_Physiology #Guttation

Funny pictures about The Beauty Of Nature. Oh, and cool pics about The Beauty Of Nature. Also, The Beauty Of Nature photos.

Dryads are shy Greek nymphs who are connected to trees and are demigods. They protect their forests and the creatures and plants that live there. They are very peaceful. They are long-living and ge…


Have searched for the perfect tree tattoo. This is it, with a few modifications it can be a lovely dryad on my left thigh .