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Venda de componentes eletrônicos.

Cave aux Bulles (Bubbles' Cellar)

"BOTANICUS INTERACTICUS": Interactive Plant Technology

"....The project explores our relationship with devices and technology by examining the multi-dimensionality of communication and the complexity of social behavior and interaction. In its essence, the project functions as a piece of design fiction, considering the fluctuating nature of our present engagement with media technology and providing futurist imaginings of other ways of being..." Julia Yu Tsao

Mendelssohn Effektorium Virtual orchestra for Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum Leipzig The Effektorium is a technically complex, but user friendly, and exceedingly fun installation at the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum in Leipzig. The museum visitor enters the room to find himself at the conductors stand with digital music notes and an orchestra of 13 speakers in front of him. Each speaker represents a different group of instruments. The visitor is given a conductors´ stick, and the c…

Minhas Curtidas no Vimeo

Social Soundmachine is an interactive tabletop, on which people can create electronic music together.

MyFruit - Application for Microsoft Surface by Konstantin Klamka, via Behance

Eye catcher outside element from my favourite design company. Festo - Interactive Wall - YouTube

Interactive multi-touch table -- Bio Building Blocks

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