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Camisas são peças valiosas para qualquer estação!! ❤️❤️ para mais informações Whats 49 9148-1019 #charmeloja #soucharme #camisas #dudalina #fiquelinda #lages #glamour

Camisas são peças valiosas para qualquer estação!! ❤️❤️ para mais informações Whats 49 9148-1019 #charmeloja #soucharme #camisas #dudalina #fiquelinda #lages #glamour


Wisteria tree - I would like one of these trees in my yard look how cool the trunk is

Blood Lake, West Texas

15 Amazing Places to Visit in Texas

Larkspur (they drop their seed and return next year, in warm climates)*

The larkspur is the July birth flower. It means lightness and levity. The larkspur is a tall flower and is a variety of delphinium. It is a prized cut flower and flowers between June and September. It is poisonous to livestock.

Not all who wander are lost.

Ireland, beautiful Ireland, I love the color green.and green seems to the the year round color there.

Twisting Tree

Land Art by Sylvain Meyer. French artist Sylvain Meyer creates beautiful art installations in nature.

Аббатство Кайлмор в Ирландии..

Kylemore Abbey By Jule_Berlin Kylemore Abbey (Irish: Mainistir na Coille Móire) is a Benedictine nunnery founded in 1920 on the grounds of Kylemore Castle, in Connemara, County Galway, Republic of Ireland.

"Very beautiful  set"

"Very beautiful set"

I love fall, too.

Autumn walk by Mike Shaw. I can just picture me and me mate walking down this road!

From waterfalls to pristine beaches—the Fiji Islands have it all!!!! http://www.wakeupnewhabits.com

Fiji, sandbar path allows you to walk on water to the island. Would love to go to Fiji and walk to this island!

Did you know: Basil is believed to naturally repel flies and mosquitoes? Arrange pots of them around windows and doorways. For outdoor gatherings, throwing leaves on the barbecue is another way to repel pests.

Enjoy Basil Year-Round By Growing It Indoors & Outdoors. I need to be able to grow basil inside during the winter, too!

Road Trip Planner, Diners Drive-Ins & Dives, Man vs Food. This website gives you a list of restaurants shown on TV shows in your destination city.

Roadtrippers - put in a road trip and you can see cool and interesting places to stop along the way, mileage, and even how much gas will cost!