by Joey Lawrence from New York

Portrait of Vicious Dog, Hamer Tribe, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia Bona is the highly respected chief of his village, Labaltoy. In Hamer cult.

New Zealand photographer Jono Rotman got unprecedented access to around 200 members of the Mongrel Mob. We asked how he did it.

These Stunning Photos of New Zealand's Largest Gang Will Give You Sleepless Nights

Photographer Jono Rotman spent eight years with the Mighty Mongrel Mob.

Portrait of Balo Eryama, the chief of the Daasanach tribe ©Joey L.

Photographer Joey Lawrence’s portfolio and director’s reel. Including portraits from Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, Varanasi India, and various commercial assignments.

African warriors

Dying life of the tribe: Spectacular pictures by British photographer capture… The Mursi are a nomadic tribe of herdsmen living in the lower Omo Valley, situated in Africa’s Great Rift Valley in south-west Ethiopia, not far from the Kenyan border.


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Gözler can çekişiyor,ama herşeye rağmen direniyor...

A homeless person around santa monica, california. I love how you can see every detail of the person’s face, particularly his eyes, which tell a story of someone whose aged on the mean streets.