INCREDIBLE barn owl tattoo sketch

gorgeous owl tattoo sketch, i'd like a different breed like a great horned owl.


I really like barn owls. Maybe have a barn owl behind a compass or have the compass surrounded by feathers.

so pretty, would get this done on the side of my leg or back of it

Good idea of what I'm after - replacing the rat with another animal and those flowers for wild flowers/grasses. Not sure on the other animal, maybe 2 owls, maybe just the one.

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It interesting how many elements are in this tattoo design. I would love this as a sleeve with a swallow or something in, and something else for the raccoon.--I would like a fox rather than the raccoon I think but I love the rest of this design

barn owl tattoos - Google Search

barn owl tattoos - Google Search

owl and lotus blossom tattoo | for forums: [url= ... #tattoosformenonchest

owl and lotus blossom tattoo | for forums: [url= ... #tattoosformenonchest

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Owl, moon and roses tattoo design. Garden flowers I like such as calendula, daisies, whichever.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ pirate skull old school flash

I think I found my owl tat!

Owl tattoo with a splash of color. I dont want an owl but like the way this is done. Clean lines with a little color