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Tobacco barn

I remember working the tobacco field riding the planter, picking suckers, tended it all summer, then you cut it, hung it in the barn to cure before stripping the leaves. But does have a sweet smell

Old tobacco barn in North Carolina. Photo By: Ritakens

Old tobacco barn in North Carolina. Photo By: Ritakens Sadly, these are being replaced by bulk barns.

Kentucky tobacco barn

Kentucky Tobacco Barn (*growing up in Ky there is one smell that I haven't smelled in soo long but will never forget. The smell of tobacco hanging.I played in so many barns growing up. Would not trade it for anything !

Tobacco Barn, Rural Kentucky

Tobacco Barn, Rural Kentucky

tobacco farm. so southern.

I would like to be a part of tobacco planting and tobacco harvest at least once.

Now days your lucky to find a tobacco barn in this good of shape

Pitt County, North Carolina Tobacco Curing Barn - Available as Poster

Tobacco drying in an old country barn! My grandparents were tobacco farmers!

Southern Maryland tobacco barn

Passed many barns with tobacco hanging to dry. My granddaddy raised tobacco to make a living. I never smoked a cigarette in my life. But I remember the sweet smell of freshly cured tobacco.