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When Breastfeeding Goes Wrong: 7 Breastfeeding Complications You Need to Know About!

Parenting babies is a lot like treading water, and when there's complications with simple tasks, motherhood can seem all that more complicated and difficult.?utm_source=pinterest | Things You Probably Don't Know About Postpartum Depression: Breastfeeding and The Influence of Hormones

Breastfeeding helps prevent ADHD or reduce its severity: "The impact of breastfeeding on the condition may be due to the milk itself, the special bond formed between mother and baby during suckling, or other biological or psychological factors"

Embora seja referida normalmente como a “hormona do amor”, a oxitocina é cada vez mais vista como uma substancia química produzida pela glândula pineal (interior do cérebro, associada às emoções humanas) que se relaciona com muito mais do que juntar casais. Nova investigação sugere que a oxitocina desempenha um papel crucial na criação, facilitação e …

National Reading Panel Reports Combination of Teaching Phonics, Word Sounds, Giving Feedback on Oral Reading Most Effective Way to Teach Reading

I, like so many other new mothers, was determined to breastfeed. I documented every single failed attempt and every single success. I remember the excruciating pain every time she latched on. I would sit down, tap my toes, take deep breaths (that was before I knew anything about pranayama) and warn anyone around me not to talk to me until I was finished feeding her.....

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss: Great Tips For Pregnancy Health