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the cool life: skate

Age is just a number. You can still have fun and do what you wanna do even if you're already old.

Fixing skateboard

Young boy nailing wheel parts from an old metal roller skate to a wooden plank in the first step toward making an orange crate scooter. LIFE magazine, New York, 1947 - Photo by Ralph Morse

Brazilian Longboarder

Donkboard's longboards and paddles are an alternative to skateboarding, and provide an all over workout.

From a 92-year-old marathon runner to an 84-year-old waterskiing champ to a 98-year-old master's degree recipient, check out these senior citizens who are doing amazing things.

11 Super Seniors We Admire

Frances Woofenden calls herself “an grandmother who just loves life” on her Web site — but acknowledges that she’s not “your typical Granny. Woofenden is a competitive water-skier who has more than 100



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Timeless Skating, California Claus Grabke by Ulrich Kattenstroth