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Old, but gold

Complete the look of your home by adding flowers as a decoration! Whether displaying them individually or choosing to combine them into specifically designed floral arrangements, you will change your

Pretty way to display cups and saucers....under a cloche!

Vintage coffee/tea cups under cloche. larger cloche display with seasonal items (floral, pinecones, leaves) Note Songs: Clocheing With Marty

By Vanessa Barendregt

By Vanessa Barendregt

Vintage decor under cloches - I love the baby shoes!

This is a cloche. Cloche means bell in French. I believe a cloche was originally referred to as a small glass dome used to force plants to bloom (like a mini green house). But in decor terms, it's usually a display (raised on a stand) under glass.

Hypericum, plucked sunflower head, lotus pods, poppy pods, horsetail stems?

Hypericum, sunflower head, lotus pods, poppy pods green wedding bouquet interesting non-traditional


Happy spring buffet - centerpieces - An Aspidistra triolor leave rolled up which sustains flowers of Ranunculus and Viburnem opulus 'Roseum' - Tomas de Bruyne - the Master Florist