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collage = "Blue" sailboat on the "Blue" sea - Use different pieces of driftwood and different paint colors or buy blue scrapbook paper and make a driftwood boat

"...porque o meu papo é futurista, é lunático...". Dani Cabo pinterest • firstname_ill

Beth Hoeckel collages - Magritte art history study - creating surrealist postcards of places traveled .head in the clouds.

Last May, Jacquelien at Kids Artists  posted a collage project with sailboats that reminded me of something I saw on Mary's blog, Marymak...

This is a nice change up from the sail boat collage. Torn paper strips for water, sponged sand, etc.

The Mountains Wait, by Liesl Pfeffer

The Mountains Wait, 8 inch collage

I'm going to try to make some type of mountain collage. Here begins my inspiration. Mountain Collage by Liesl Pfeffer

Art Projects for Kids: fall lesson in lines by artsyas123

Line Pattern leaf -Art Projects for Kids: Have them choose an object and draw the contour. Then divide it into sections and create patterns using line.

doodle on newspaper covered canvas

Cute kid project-Old Book Pages and Bright Color - I love how this looks. Great project to do with kids - decoupage old book pages onto a piece of wood - let dry - use it as canvas for artwork - cheap, easy, rewarding!

Edie Fawn Animal Art Print by TinyFawn on Etsy

Edie Fawn - Animal Art Print

paper collage print by Darrah Gooden. Just a few tiny slivers of tissue paper and she was able to convey movement and personality in each animal.

moon bear

Bear asked Sophie why they rowed past Moon every night. Sophie said she was afraid of Dreams but felt safe under the light of heaven. Bear replied "How could you not feel safe? You have a Friend Forever who is great, boat-rowing Bear.

A guy in Suwalki, Poland combines photos with his awesome drawings

A guy in Suwalki, Poland combines photos with his awesome drawings

"God's thoughts, His will, His love, His judgments ARE ALL A MAN'S HOME. To think His thoughts, to choose His will, to love His loves, to judge His judgments, AND THUS TO KNOW THAT HE IS IN US, IS TO BE AT HOME." ~ George Macdonald

A Tiny Life No.3

Collage illustration of house, tree, hearts, cat. Great inspiration for ways to incorporate hearts in atypical ways!

Love this!!! I don't think this work of art is supposed to be funny but it really makes me giggle!

***For The Love of Cats*** *********Mail Art*********: . from Bifidus Jones Mail Art

Cute Zebra collage...I am going to give each student a rectangle and let them pick the two colors for their stripes.  I will add the face and tail --- the team will add the colorful mane and hair.  Bulletin Board- From A to Z ________________

Zebra collage- pattern unit I would use this in my art lesson. Instead I would use tissue paper and glue it on the pattern of the zebra.