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Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 50 Pics

Kevin Durant talks about his mom during MVP speech.this exact speech was brought up Sunday (Mother's Day) by our pastor!

"Sam then explained to her that he didn't like [the shoes] because they were pink, he liked them because they were 'made out of zebras' and zebras are his favorite animal!"

"What does it say about society when a group of adults could stand to take a lesson in humanity from a class of preschoolers?" Feminism, equality, equal rights, shoes have no gender, human rights

Hipsters Are What Happen When You Tell Every Child They're Special Poster

Ships in days. Ever wonder how there got to be so many hipsters so fast? This poster provides a very practical answer. Funny but true. - Poster Size: x - Printed on

Licia Ronzulli, a member of European Parliament, has been taking her daughter to work with her as she attends sessions in the chamber. The MEP first took her daughter along when she was just a month old baby.

Heathers Movie Sweatshirt

enjoy this fun style any way you like. wear it oversized over your fave jeans or small and snug tucked into your sweet outfit.

Good Parenting Summed Up In These 25 Pics

29 examples of parenting done right. If more kids were like this, the future would be assuredly a wonderful place<<< Faith in humanity restored

Really powerful images…

Really powerful images // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Some guy just created a noz joust deck with 70% win rate

Some guy just created a noz joust deck with win rate


Olivia Manning accepted to Mensa with IQ higher than Albert Einstein or/and Stephen Hawking

dont lose your nerves theres always someone that can make it clear without you knowing it

And learn what to do if you come in contact with a bat or bat droppings.

Ancient greek myth about love

According to Greek mythology humans were originally created with 4 arms 4 legs & a head with 2 faces, but Zeus thought they had too much power so he split them into 2 people and made their goal in life to find their other half- soul mates