❥That is exacly what I did six months ago when I started my own shop.

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Lembre-se que as vezes, a maneira como você pensa sobre uma pessoa não é a maneira como ela realmente é...

Love isn't blind, life is. Bad things happen to good and bad people; good things happen to the best and worst people.


👧 at the mall with our neighbor, chris jr told me and he was at the pool by himself! Chris told him to ask Kathy for a ride. 💇 off to a friends house early this morning again only know cuz Chris jr told me.

john green

I often just push the feeling of hurt down. For example, with friendships and people saying mean things. Cause those things mattered to you and someone picked at it. It hurt cause it did in fact matter to you, and they tore it apart.

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38 Powerful Inspirational Quotes

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Et j'ai eu une belle surprise il y quelques jours ❤️

♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪ ~Wise Words Of Wisdom, Inspiration Motivation

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I hate it when someone tells me they "care" but their actions show me that they don't.

I hate when someone tells me they "care" but their actions show me that they don't . For Real Though .