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Tensions are running high this Monday on #StateOfAffairs as Charlie and her team struggle to prevent an attack on the homeland.

20 girls kidnapped and the team is tasked with finding them. Quietly. All new #StateOfAffairs Monday.

Know your target. #StateOfAffairs

The pressure is on to prevent more domestic attacks as public fear builds... #StateOfAffairs NBC Monday 10/9c

First episode of 2015 Monday! Charlie has a lot of damage to repair but the problems just keep coming... #StateOfAffairs @NBCStateOfAffairs

Syd has some sage advice for Charlie - but will she heed it? #StateOfAffairs NBC Monday 10/9c

The team is chasing an escaped terrorist on Monday's #StateOfAffairs NBC 10/9c

Charlie needs answers.... but everyone else has questions. All new #NBCStateOfAffairs Monday.

Is Nick one of the sacrifices that Charlie must make in order to bring down the world's most wanted terrorist? #StateOfAffairs NBC Monday 10/9c

Tonight Charlie's dealing with an intense situation... and in more ways than one. #StateOfAffairs NBC 10/9c @cmckenna02