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Faces by Italian artist Riccardo Guasco in a loose and blocky vintage style.

Riccardo Guasco

An illustrator and painter based in Casale Monferrato, Italy, who has an amazing loose and blocky style.

Monterey Jazz Festval Poster, 2009

JAZZ - "Monterey Jazz Festival", Poster - Illustration and Graphic by Pablo Lobato Argentine).

10 indiecitos #ContameUnCuento

An adapted version of the classic song “Ten Little Indians” known to generations of children. We sing this song in both Spanish and English but we draw, speak and perform in our own way, as authentic American brothers.

Riccardo Guasco

Helped by Linda Ronzoni & Alfred Drago for texts and graphic design, italien illustrator Riccardo Guasco created wonderful drawings for the wedding book of