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Pose, Woman

I am back in London finishing up some projects and I had the honor of meeting with my new friend Gitte Lee again. Gitte is one of the most charming and elegant women I have ever met. She has a great instinct about style and how to enjoy life and she shared some of her… Read Full Post

Gitte Lee modeled in London over 50 years ago and now is returning to the fashion spotlight

74-year-old Dyan Cannon...age is just a number and how well you ignore it! This is going to be me at 74!

Cary Grant's ex-wife, Dyan Cannon.age is just a number and how well you ignore it! However,not an easy look to achieve at this age without surgery & intensive working out. & maybe some hormones!

Lina and I have had the pleasure to meet so many creative and inspiring people throughout our...

Ruth and Anne Marie (Advanced Style)

85-and-a-half-year-old Daphne Selfe, you can be elderly, so long as you are skeletal.

The minimum age for modelling at big events like London Fashion Week is 16 — that is still legally a ch