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Esse sorriso tem o poder de melhorar os meus dias :D

Has anyone ever noticed when they see Liam smiling you just get all happy? I mean yeah you do when all the boys smile but still whenever I see Liam smile I just get all happy and fuzzy inside ^-^

Marcador #ThankYou1Dfor no Twitter

I think every picture of him that I see makes me fall in love all over again. I actually like this picture of him (I really do love Liam, he's amazing and nice, I just don't like facial hair :p)

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I was not ready for this Niall with the west side and Liam in a leather jacket! Oh the feelz

Liam Payne

Oh hey Liam. What’s up? © One Direction/Calvin Aurand

But I remember when they sang best song ever on here and Liam just.....oh gosh he makes my heart melt

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