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Norman if u r reading this i want u to know i wish so much to meet u. I wish so much i could tell u what i think of u. U r so amazing. On and off the set. U would so be a great friend if i ever got to meet u. I can't wait to fall in love with Daryl some more as i do ur personality. Thank u for being who u r.

Max Vandenburg is a Jewish man who that hides in the Hubermanns' basement. Max's father saved Han's life in WW1, so later on Han tries to save Max's life and puts the Hubermanns' lives in grave danger. The Hubermanns' took great care of Max and fed him well. He was very welcomed in their household. Max was born on November 7th in Cockville in Stuttgarts and is the son of Eriks Vandenburg, he was 22 years old in this book. Max, like Liesel, have nightmares about their past. Liesel reads to…

Tava tudo certo, até aparecer ele... aimeuDeus


Norman ..... i would do you all day and all night ~ and then all over again

Suppose I better revisit my Rory McCann crush in light of the new GOT season. Not that he is necessarily going to be in it...

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