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Time to keep that upper body tight #repost @nicole_mejia Yesterday we targeted triceps and shoulders and we used this alternating-combo sequence throughout the whole workout. These two exercises target the shoulders and are known as face pulls and front raises. You can do them with your bands and free weights or a cable machine in the gym. Bands are available on #fitandthickworkout #fitandthickresistancebands

Curtsy lunge with abductor swing. Work out for glutes and legs nicole_mejia's video on Instagram

Cable rotations are a great way to target your obliques. Be sure to keep your arms straight and rotate through the core squeezing at the end then control your return to start. 3 sets of 15 reps on each side. I'm using the #fitandthickresistancebands available on

Shape Up: A Call to Arms

3 easy exercises to get your arms toned in no time!

Here's another way to incorporate your lateral bands into your weight training regimens for added resistance! 15 lateral lunges on each side for 3 alternating sets! Lateral bands are available on #fitandthicktip

(short video) #Fitandthick ankle straps and handles are available on They are perfect for booty building kickbacks or any exercise you want to perform on the cable machines! #fitandthicktip

Good morning! ☀️ If you want to get a quick upper body workout in, try incorporating push-ups into your routine. They can be done without any equipment and in the comfort of your own home. Push-ups use a multitude of muscle groups and can be done in many variations! Today I'm doing crossover push-ups for 3 sets of 10-15 reps. @getfitandthick #fitandthick

When a dead lift and a sumo squat have a baby, it looks a little something like this: -Feet should be in a wide stance with toes pointing outwards. -Grab the handle of the cable machine (you can also do these with your resistance bands) -Keeping your weight in your heels, throw the hips back and allow the upper body to fall slightly forward while keeping the back flat and the chest out -Push up through the heels and return to start -Squeeze the glutes at the top for maximum activation

These isolated leg curls are great for at-home workouts or when you don't have access to equipment! Strap the ankle attachment around the base of the foot of the leg you're curling with the metal attachment at the top. Remember to squeeze and use controlled movements for 15 reps on each leg. These lateral bands are available on @getfitandthick #fitandthickworkout #fitandthickresistancebands

shoulders, chest and triceps resistance band workout

shoulders, chest and triceps resistance band workout