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I love this! They look so hipster!

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter with their backup buddies- I love Draco's mug!- Ron angrily holds a sandwich. Drawn by CaptBex

Young Love, by reallycorking. Harry and Ginny.

Read story Accio Love (A Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley Wedding One-Shot) by (Hannah) with reads. Ginny woke up with a.


Note on my story board this not ment to be Harry and Ginny but the relationship between Courtney and her boyfriend is similar

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Andromeda, Narcissa and Bellatrix

and All was Well by Hellomynameisbasil on deviantART

After surviving the war with Voldemort, Harry and a Ginny realize that they finally have a chance at a life together. But a normal life, a life free of danger.

Oh... Be careful. by eighthSun on DeviantArt

Be careful. by eighthSun on DeviantArt