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Chinese women's shoes from bound feet.

Venetian Chopines Shoes by PoppySeedRoll on Etsy

Chopines: 1590-1610, Italian, silk, metal. "The chopine was a tall clog worn in primarily in Venice from the 15th to the early 17th centuries...most examples... three and five inches tall, some specimens of over a foot tall survive... accounts testify to the necessity of the assistance of a pair of ladies maids to walk... the purpose of the chopine was as much to elevate the lady's sartorial reputation as to elevate her skirt from the dirt of the streets and to increase her physical…

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Pair of chopines

These Venetian chopines (ca 1600) are made of pine-wood. A chopine is a type of women's platform shoe that was popular in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Chopines were originally used as a patten, clog, or overshoe to protect the shoes and dress from mud and street soil.

late 16th century Chopine. Chopines were usually worn as overshoes to protect the shoes and dress from mud. The height of the chopine became a symbolic reference to the cultural and social standing of the wearer; the higher the chopine, the higher the status of the wearer

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How High Heels Went From Menswear To Women's Torture Device

venetian shoes "chopine veneziane" 1600 / 1700 - This is where they got, "I'm falling and I can't get up!" from...

2nd tallest chopines -Another set of enormously large chopines. The surround and vamp is in much better shape than the chopines in the Museo Correr dei Veneziani and the vamp actually extends a bit...