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Church Logos - City Church of Olive Branch

The Grove Church Logo

Most church logos feature nominal designs with simple typefaces and religious symbols and motifs such as a star, a dove, or an illustration of Jesus Christ.

I kind of like this logo and color scheme

Detroit Church

For March we have a selection of six wonderful church logos created by some very talented designers.

W.I.P (Work In Process) Church Logo Design - Peoples Church of Montreal http://smith.gl/1spFKc7

P Church Logo Design – Peoples Church of Montreal Designed by The Logo Smith

“Again we see the cross enclosed in a circle with a calming green color. However, there are a few key differences. Instead of a highly stylized image, this one is a little rugged and appears hand-drawn. Another commonality with other church logo designs on this list is the use of lower case letters in a rounded font imply friendliness and inclusiveness, while the tagline below shows one of the church’s key values in hand printing. The many apparently handmade aspects of this logo ...

There’s a good chance you don’t choose your church based on its logo design.

Risen Life Church logo by http://www.dobbodesign.co.uk

Risen Life Church