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de Esquire México


Eva Green // by Roversi.

“To really get to know me, you need patience. And, above all, never tell me that I’m beautiful.” - Eva Green on how to get to know her #EvaGreen by ©John Russo #MissPeregrine's Home for Peculiar Children promotional shot for L'Officiel Russia (October 2016)

Yes, my King ? (Christ Jesus)

"All the color was washed from the world, myself included. I didn't mind. It felt good to be nothing, to blend in with everything else."

Repeat...I created this account to get away from your prying eyes. How does that make me a stalker? I never would have known you were still looking if you hadn't "liked" one of my pins and this drama wouldn't be continuing. Just go away.

“A gente se cala, e não significa que estamos concordando com o que estamos ouvindo, a gente se cala por saber que temos uma facilidade muito grande em ferir quem está falando. A gente não se cala pela falta de palavras, a gente se cala pelo excesso delas.”