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Monkey Orchid Or Orchis simia pinkish grey orchid flower. It's lobed Lip looks like monkey face. Commonly found in Russia, Iran and Mediterranean Reg

Ceropegia haygarthii. An orchid complete with its own periscope.

Ceropegia haygarthii - From the plant family Apocynaceae, this unusual flower is…

Dracula inaequalis - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This species is found in Colombia at altitudes of D. inaequalis is a quite small plant, the leaves do not exceed in length , the flowers are around wide and the tails


17 Impresionantes Flores Que Se Ven Como Algo Completamente Distinto

L’ape sorridente (Ophrys bomybliflora)


Ladys Slipper Orchid, one of my all-time favorite flowers. Its like a tiny, fabulous fairy shoe!

Monkey #orchid learn 2 #grow #monkey #face http://www.growplants.org/growing/monkey-orchid

Monkey #orchid learn 2 #grow #monkey #face http://www.growplants.org/growing/monkey-orchid

Bulbophyllum polystictum

Bulbophyllum polystictum

Orchidée japonaise

White egret orchid (Habenaria radiata) is a species of orchid endemic to China, Japan, Korea and Russia. Named for its resemblance to the bird, It is also known as the White Egret Flower, Fringed Orchid or Sagiso.

So after we have passed Mother’s and Father’s day just recently, we would like to dedicate this article to flowers. Even though flowers may seem boring to some people, these flowers are certainly not boring at all! Flowers have inspired humans since millenniums due their form, color and smell. Furthermore, the flower… Read More »

Have you come across this unusual Monkey Orchid (Dracula simia) ? Read on to know more about these unusual orchids' flowers.

Dove Orchid Or Holy Ghost Orchid (Peristeria Elata)1

Dove Orchid Or Holy Ghost Orchid (Peristeria

Previous pinner: "Monkey orchids. Actual plants that look like monkeys. Cool!"

Monkey Orchids (Dracula gigas or D. simia) i am uncertain as to the difference in the species.

Miltonia regnellii f. citrina by Mat.Tauriello on Flickr

flowersgardenlove: “Miltonia regnellii f Flowers Garden Love ”

Ruby leopard slipper orchid

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - G-d was in a techno-color glory mood- don't you agree?Oh Batty, why don't MY slippers look like that?

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Résultat de recherche d'images


Lady's Slippers Orchids of Canada

The beautiful Monkey Orchid is extremely rare, beautiful and precious. It is found in Ecuador, South America

The Enchanting Dracula Orchid looks like a monkey :: Dracula venefica; Flowers Winter to Spring producing blooms, successively. Found in Colombia.